Natural Arthritis pain relief and treatment 


Tips when exercising to get relief from arthritis pain

  • Always warm up before a session.The best time to exercise is the time of the day when you feel least stiff,painful and tired.This will vary from person to person

  • A warm bath or shower before exercising can help relax your muscles

  • Do not jrk or push your joints further than they will go when doing stretches,you should feel a gentle pull not a harsh tug

  • Keep your joints soft and avoid locking them when you exercise

  • Avoid the use of heavy weights.If you are advised to use weights,introduce them gradually starting with the lightest weights and always work under the supervision of a qualified instructor

  • Avoid high-impact power moves such as jumping if you have rheumatoi arthritis or osteoporosis.Concentrate on gentle aerobic exercise such as walking or swimming

  • Avoid exercising if your joints are actively inflamed (the signs are hot,painful,swollen joints).You can begin exercising once again the inflammation has settled

  • If any exercises cause dizziness,visual disturbances or a sudden increase in pain stop immediately

  • If you have had joint surgery ask your doctor if there are any movements it would be unwise to make