1️⃣ Myopia (nearsightedness) is not a disease. This is a feature of the structure of the eye. At this stage in the development of medicine, we can only control its progression.

2️⃣ Stopping progression can be achieved by:
– long-term atropinization,
-ortollenses (night lenses),
– staying in sunny weather for at least 2.5 hours outside, especially for children (this also reduces the risk of myopia)

3️⃣ Scleroplasty and has not shown its effectiveness in braking the minus, should not be used

4️⃣ It is necessary to be observed by a doctor in order to control the length of the eye (in case of myopia of the eyes due to weakness of the sclera, the outer shell is stretched in length), the appearance of pathological changes in the fundus.

Alas, in Russia they do not use the most effective method, namely long-term therapeutic atropinization, especially since this application is possible “off-label”, ie not according to instructions.

But given the activity of the inspection structures in the work of a doctor, no one will risk it. Drops of atropine in a special concentration appeared abroad, but in our country they stopped producing atropine altogether.

Now what does not work and should not be applied:
-Hardware treatment on different visotronics, etc., etc.
-vitamins inside and vitamin drops
– gymnastics for the eyes (during the day, the eye muscle makes hundreds of thousands of focusing from close to distance, etc.).

In children, it is necessary to select the most tolerable correction, adjust the glasses as needed. To make sure that he sat LESS at the tablet and watched cartoons, but that he walked more, moved and played sports. By the way, sports and are not contraindicated for them, but vice versa. And you can sit on the last desk.