Natural Arthritis pain relief and treatment 


Omega 3 fish oil for arthritis treatment

The latest supplement to bring hope to arthritis patients is fish oil,commonly known as omega-3 fatty acids.Taking omega-3 acid in the diet can affect the immune system inflammatory response and fish oil in particular may greatly help in the prevention and treatment of arthritis.

The two acids namely eicosapentanoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) reduce prodution of the prostalglandins and leukofrienes that promote inflammation.

The benefits of fish oil on arthritis date back as early as 1959,when patients taking cod liver oil were found to show improvement in their symptoms such as fatigue,morning sickness and overall pain relief .

High dosage of fish oil in capsules has proven effective in treating arthritis as compared to lower dosage which is easily available over-the-counter, in health and stores ,phamacies and supermarket.

The frequent use of low dosage fish oil supplement in capsules have been known to cause side effects,such as stomach upset, gas and a fishy aftertaste in the mouth.

Fish oil also thin the blood and there are also high levels of contaminants in the form of heavy metals including mercury.

Another drawback is the low level of DHA wich is the most beneficial component of fish oil.

Most fish oil in capsules does not come from the same country,where it is encapsulated,it is suject to transport in tankers.Additional handling and additives to prevent it from becoming rancid.

It is therefore recommended to increase the amount of omega-3 acid in your diet and eat more cold water ocean fish.