Natural Arthritis pain relief and treatment 


How can exercises relieve arthritis pain?

The leading cause of arthritis in men in the united states is prior to sports injuries (for women the leading cause is overweight or obesity).

Arthritis by far the leading cause of chronic pain in the United States.It is very important for arthritis sufferers to control their pain and inflammation so they can engage in daily lifestyle practices which will help not only control their arthritis but lower their risks of other chronic diseases

Many people believe that they should rest their joints and that will prevent further damage.In fact the right kind of exercise is not only beneficial but essential for keeping the joints mobile and the muscles strong.

Prolonged rest on the other hand usually leads to more stiffness and to weakness and wasting of the muscles while having no effect on the pain.

Stiff joints that are difficult to move become even more painful and immobile without exercise.

Gentle and regular exercise on the other hand can help improve flexibility,reduce pain,improve bone density and by strenghtening the muscles that support the joints help to protect them.Nevertheless the wrong kind of exercise is worse than none at all.

As exercises are very good for easing joint pain and inflammation,you should start with low impact exercises such as swimming or stationary cycling.If an exercise creates increased pain,don't continue with it.Anti inflammatory medications wil be very helpful to ease the pain and inflammation and help you get started on your exercise program.

If you are overweight,losing weight is very important since excess weight increases the stress on weight bearing joints such as hips,and the knees.You must be also aware that overweight and obesity are the leading causes of arthritis in the United States. For most people,walking is the best exercise, since it is very good for joint health as it improves the flow of synovial fluid in the joint while may be helpful in the repair ot cartiledge that has been injured.

How much exercise is needed?

The national guidelines from the centers for disease control recommend accumulating 30 mins of moderate intensity physical activity on most if not all days.

Anyone with arthritis must aim to include three types of exercises in your program.

  • Strecthing

  • Muscles strenghtening

  • General fitness and aerobic exercise