What Causes Bloating?

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We all face health problems in different stages of our life. One of the most common problems is that of stomach bloating. Bloating can be caused due to different reasons. Gaseous problems can be a major cause for stomach bloating. To avoid this we must be aware of our diet.

There are a variety of food items that cause bloating such as potatoes, lentils, cabbage, cauliflower, milk, fatty food. Another important cause could be swallowed air. It could be an intestinal bowel disorder which requires medical treatment. Even cancer can cause such problems. Excessive consumption of alcohol especially beer is also known to cause the stomach bloating syndrome.

Therefore in the beginning it is better to monitor the food intake and the amount of gas produced due to certain food items and consequently one must avoid such food and move on to a more healthy diet. In course of time the patient realizes whether it is a simple problem or a chronic problem which may require medical treatment. The doctor may ask for a number of checkups and tests to diagnose the actual cause of the problem.

It is better to have a systematic lifestyle which involves a reasonable amount of exercise healthy diet, regular sleeping and waking habits, plenty of fluid and a regular health checkup. These steps will not only prevent bloating problems but most health problems could be avoided and monitored if we follow these simple steps. Always remember it pays to have control on our diet, avoid smoking and alcohol consumption. We must always lead active lives and avoid a sedentary lifestyle.

Tired of Stomach Bloating?

Tired of Stomach Bloating?

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